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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, SSG. Paul Mardis who was born in Ohio on March 10, 1979 and passed away on July 15, 2004, IRAQ. at the age of 25. We will remember him forever. Please Help Us Remember all the memories you shared with him and keeping him with us forever. The Family has asked that all contributions be made to The Paul Mardis Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1000 Coshocton Ohio 43812.

Thank You, Cindy S. Corder.

Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday Buddy   / Cindy Biolcati Rinaldi (Big Sister )
Another Year has come and gone without you...It saddens my heart to know we had to spend it without you. First wanted to say Happy Happy Birthday to You...And also Mom and Dad as well so give them kisses for me. So much has changed over the years eve...  Continue >>
Random thoughts on March 10, 2016   / James Griffin (Cousin)
Saddened to reflect on the loss of a Mardis son to a seemingly senseless conflict...I cannot express the depth of my anger and frustration at the sacrifice Chuck made for this nation. For those visitors to this memorial unfamiliar with this tragedy, ...  Continue >>
10 years later and the ache is still there......   / Cindy Carroll (Mother-in-Law)
Paul, It’s 12:10 am on the 10th anniversary of your death. You’ve been on my mind so much the last couple of weeks as I knew this day was coming. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin…..10 years……it just doesn’t seem possible some days that it has...  Continue >>
I could not have wrote it any better!   / Cindy Corder Big Sister (Sister)
Hey little brother. Time has seemed to go by so fast it just seems like yesterday sometimes. I still have trouble on days just wishing I could pick up the phone and hear your voice. I sit here and I read what Momma Carroll wrote and must say she writ...  Continue >>
7 years but seems like just yesterday. . .   / Cindy Carroll (Momma)
Paul It is around midnight Juli 15 2011.  Exactly 7 years ago today God called one of the bravest soldiers I have ever known home!  I remember the day as tho it were yesterday with much sadness.  I can't sleep tonight because of think...  Continue >>
Taps for the Fallen Brave  / Momma Carroll (Mother-in-law)    Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Cindy Corder Big Sister (Sister)    Read >>
Another year gone by and there is still an ache!  / Cindy Carroll (Mother-in-law)    Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / Cindy Corder (Big Sister )    Read >>
I think of you often  / David Welch (5th Group brother )    Read >>
Missing You!!!  / Cindy Corder (Proud Big Sister! )    Read >>
hey bro  / Adam Kohler (friend)    Read >>
Never Forget!  / Misty(sister Cpl. Rusty Washam)     Read >>
Happy 29th Birthday  / Cindy Carroll (Mom-in-Law)    Read >>
Almost the big 30!  / Cindy Corder (Big Sister )    Read >>
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His legacy
SSG Paul C. Mardis JR.  
SSG Paul C. Mardis was born on March 10th 1979.
He was raised in Coshocton Ohio,where both his parents died by the time he was fourteen years old.
Paul lived with his oldest sister and her husband in Coshocton Ohio, and moved to Palmetto Florida in 1996 where he graduated from Palmetto High School.
Paul loved the game of football,and his dream to play for a Divison Three or Four College. Due to his financial situation,he could not afford a small, private college even with some athletic scholarships. He enlisted in the Army in the fall of 1998 to earn the GI Bill to help him finish his Bachelors Degree in Criminology that he began at Manatee Community College in 1997.
SSG Mardis excelled in every aspect of his life in the Army. He attended Basic Training and Advanced InfantryTraining in Co. 1/ 50 INF BN at Fort Benning GA  as a combat infatryman. He then PCS' to HHC,1/502nd INF,Fort Cambell Kentucky in 1998. He was selected for Air Assult School and combat Lifesave Course in 1999, and Combat Communications Course in 2000.
Having served with distinction in the infatry,Paul was selected for the 18C Special Forces Engineer Course after completing 3 weeks of Special Forces Selection at Fort Bragg NC. As a prelude to Special Forces Training, he attended The Basic Airborne School (where he was honor Graduate) and Primary Leadership Development Course in 2000.
SSG Mardis then moved to Fort Bragg,NC and started his officail Special Forces Training including Special Forces Engineer Course, the Basic Non-Commmision Officer Course, Defense Arabic Language School, And SERE training. He was assigned to the 3RD Battalion. 5th Special Forces Group in December 2002, and was further assigned as the Junior Engineer Segeant on the 3rd Battalion  Scuba Team,ODA 585.
Pauls first deployment with the 3rd Battalion in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom was in January of 2003. He served with distinction and was awarded both the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart for his actions in a raid against AlQaeda terrorists in northern Iraq.
SSG Mardis deployed a second time with the same 3rd Battalion in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in May of 2004. Less than two days into his second  depolyment, the convoy he was riding in was attacked by an IED( road side bomb).
Paul sustained a head injury from the attack. After the initial brain surgery to relieve swelling, Paul contracted pneumonia and other combat injury complications during his two month fight to recover. The complications of his injuries eventually took his life on July 15th 2004. SSG Mardis was awarded thr Meritorious Service Award, a second Purple Heart and a second Bronze Star Posthumously.
SSG Mardis' awards and decorations include the Meritorious Service Award, the Bronze Star with Valor Device, The Bronze Star, The Purple Herat (with Oak Leaf Cluster), The Army Commendation Metal, The Army Achievement Metal, The NCO Professional Development Ribbon, The Global War On Terrorism  Expeditionary Medal, The Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, The ArmyService Ribbon, The Expert Infantryman Badge, The Special Forces Tab, The Parachutist Badge, And The Air Assault Badge.
Paul Married His Wife, Kacey  Carroll, on October 26th,2002. He is Survived by his widow Kacey, sisters Sherri Lawrence and Cindy Corder, Extended Family Members And Several Close Friends.
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